Work term/Summer

I haven’t been updating very often, but I will try harder now that school is all finished.

School’s all finished and my 5 week work term has begun, which is really exciting. I have a feeling it’s going to fly by and I won’t even know it has happened though. Trying to soak it all in and learn as much as I can!

On April 23rd, I got the chance to shoot NSCAD’s Advanced Fashion Class runway show which was at the Port Campus next to Pier 21. It was my first work term experience and it was so much fun. Here are a few shots from the show!

To see more from the show, you can view them on my flickr;

HATCH Runway Show


I can’t believe it’s already May 4th. Where do the days go? Next thing I know it will  be the end of June and I’ll be heading to Paris and Amsterdam for 12 days. I am uncontrollably excited for this trip, since it will be my first time in Europe. If anyone has any advice on sights/restaurants/shopping, etc it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been reading any and all websites, Paris for Dummies guides, but somehow I don’t think those really prepare you for the actual place. There will be so much to see and do it’s overwhelming. I will not be putting the camera down.

After that, near the end of July, I’ll be going on my 3rd annual trip to Montreal to see Osheaga, which is a 3 day music festival on an island. I think this will definitely be a summer to remember.

Hopefully soon it will be beach weather, so that I can try out surfing again at Lawrencetown. I took surfing lessons two years ago with a friend of mine. It was so much fun, but I never got around to trying it out again last summer.


The 365 project is still going on strong. I’d like to start another project soon to keep myself busy busy over the summer.

Check out my 365 (so far) on flickr!

summer favorites



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365 and Lockeport

I have to admit that so far, the 365 project is probably the best thing I could have done to keep myself constantly shooting. I would definitely recommend it.. it’s pretty motivating.

Gabrielle’s 365 Project on Flickr

The class trip to Lockeport is tomorrow! Hopefully the rain holds off for us, but it should be a fun way to end the school year regardless.

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365 project

I celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday and also began my 365 photography project.

March 29th, 2011 – March 29th, 2012

I will also be posting my daily photos on my Flickr account; Here

My birthday cherry pie!

My 20th was great – thanks again to anyone who wished me a happy birthday. I spent the morning shooting with my class at Aperture Studios on Barrington street, which was a fun class assignment. Later on, Bianca, Jess, Lauren, Shay and I went to school to work on a large format assignment. We ordered pizza and ate Susie’s Shortbread Cupcakes! When I got home, Jamie and I painted mini canvases, ate ice cream cake and baked cherry pie. Pretty successful birthday if I do say so myself.


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Early Birthday Present

I turn 20 years old this coming tuesday, but last night Jamie surprised me with an early birthday present!

My new Instax Mini 7S and the first picture I shot.

It’s an instant camera that prints out credit-card sized pictures. I had no idea he got it for me and I was super excited. I had been looking at it online for a bit but decided to wait and maybe get one in the summer. Now all I need is a scanner to upload the pictures ahaha.

I bought a photo album last night to force myself to start sorting through my stacks of disposable film and keep everything in order. It only took a few hours and the photo album is full. I’m going to need to buy a few more albums to finish up and after that I will try to keep on top of archiving everything.

Tonight is the opening night of Hobo with a Shotgun – Jamie, Ben, Steve and I are going to watch! Should be good!

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Nearing the end

In class this morning, we critiqued of the character assignments.

I ended up handing in this one;

I was really pleased with how this assignment turned out because I think it showcases Dewayne’s personality and contagious happiness the best.


We also had a photo restoration assignment to work on over the weekend;

Before                                                                            After

Is it weird that I find restoration assignments relaxing?


I only have 4 weeks of school left and these are the only assignments that stand in my way of beginning my work term and finishing up my first year of photography;

RTA Assignment : 4 shots (promotional & environmental) for a Radio Television Arts student to use for their portfolio.

Corporate Assignment : An on-location environmental business shot.

Couple or Group Assignment : It can be a romantic couple, best friends, sidekicks, siblings, etc. Basically a shot of two or more people, showcasing their relationship.

Collage/Montage Assignment : A photograph made up of 6 or more photos. This assignment can be pretty creative. Kind of like some of David Hockney’s photographs.

Large Format Assignment : Take different pictures around the school, using the large format camera.

Gallery Print : First and second year students each choose an image to hang in the NSCC waterfront gallery to showcase their work for two weeks. Gallery showing on April 13th.

Class trip to Lockeport : I’m really looking forward to documenting a “day in the life” in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. I think it’ll be a really fun way to end the school year too.

After that, I’m off to assist a photographer for work term until the end of May. Then Summer, slushies, surfing, swimming, BBQs, frisbee, Paris and Amsterdam in June, Montreal in July and hanging out with awesome people all summer long!


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Character Assignment

This past Sunday I shot with Dewayne in the studio for my character assignment. The goal for this assignment is to be able to show the character’s personality – in-studio with appropriate lighting and without using props.

Here are a couple from the shoot that I’m considering for the assignment;

lemme know which one you prefer as the “character” shot!


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Quick update

I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been updating as often as I would like to.

I started my new job as a hostess in a restaurant last Thursday, and have been finishing up my last two weeks at my other job. Trying to juggle two jobs and school at the same time is tricky, but I’m managing. My last shift at the old job is on Friday. Change will be good though, I’m excited.

Starting on March 29th, (my 20th birthday) I’ve decided to begin taking a picture everyday to post. People usually start a photo-a-day series in January, but I decided to start on my birthday to make it a full year of my life. The pictures can be of anything (people, places, outfits, food, etc..) and can be taken on any type of camera, whether it be digital, film, disposables, black and white, or taken on a cell phone. everything counts.

As for school work, we’re currently working on a Character assignment, in which we show someone’s personality through photograph, and an RTA assignment in which we take photos of the Radio and Television Arts Program students for their portfolios. We’re also getting ready to choose a photograph we’re proud of to showcase in the waterfront gallery for two weeks.

In mid April, we have a class trip to Lockeport, Nova Scotia where both the first and second year photo students will document ‘a day in the life’ in Lockeport. At the end of the project, we put all our photographs together, go through them and decide which should be put into our “This Day in Lockeport” book. Last year, the project was based in New Ross, Nova Scotia. You can check out that book here; This Day In New Ross Book

Only a few more weeks of classes left and work term is quickly creeping up. For 5 weeks, we have to find a photographer to assist and learn from. We had to set up interviews with our photographer so that we could meet and discuss different things. It’s already been two months since my meeting.. looking forward to getting some hands on studio assisting experience.

We’ve been having great weather the past week and I’ve been super excited and looking forward to summer lately. I’m probably most excited about my first Eurotrip to Paris, Amsterdam (and possibly Brussels) in June. If anyone has any recommendations as to where to go & what to see (beautiful places, museums, shopping, restaurants/cafes, etc.) while I’m there let me know! It would be greatly appreciated. We’re going for about 10 days and I really don’t think I’ll be able to put down my cameras.


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