Trip to Martock

Today I went cross country skiing with my dad at Martock. Neither of us had done cross country there before & we thought it would be a relaxing trail where I could take some pictures & enjoy the afternoon. Since the Canada Games are still on, the cross country trails are only open to the public from 3-5pm because of contestant training.

We got our skiis on & headed out. It was pretty flat at first.. but the hills got more & more steep as we went on. We didn’t realize, but the trails we were on were used for the biathlon courses in the Canada Games. Full on snowplow down most hills.

here I am taking a break; a little tired out

Dad making sure we weren’t lost..

..we definitely took “The Climb” instead of the “Jack Rabbit” trail by mistake. This course had the most steep hills of all of the trails, but we made it through.

Scenic snow

I managed to only fall once, which was more towards the end of the day ahah. I was just glad I didn’t land on my camera & smash it.

I went skating again tonight with a bunch of friends, but again, I didn’t get any photos because I’m too scared to wipeout on the ice with my camera. It was a lot of fun though & afterwards we all went out for Chinese food at Chang’s.

I’m headed to Cape Breton tomorrow afternoon until Thursday. I plan to take lots of pictures & keep updating!



About GabGallant

Gabrielle - 27 - Photography student at NSCAD
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