Glace Bay

Jamie & I went to Cape Breton on Tuesday to visit his grandmother who lives in Glace Bay. I had never been to Cape Breton, but on my trip I found out that they have some of the best named streets & businesses around. Here are a few pictures from the trip..

We found Gallant St!

Curl Up & Dye hair salon

Lick a Treat wasn’t open, but Lick a Chick, right across the street was..


On the way back home, we stopped to take a few pictures at the look-off.

Then we stopped at The Wheel pizza shop in Antigonish for supper.

I’ll have to redo the visit again in the summertime.


Today, Cynthia & I went into the studio to take some low key shots..

It went really well & I got some good shots for my assignment.

Tomorrow night, City & Colour are playing at Parade Square in Halifax for the Canada Games closing ceremony. I plan to take some pictures while I’m down there, hopefully it’s not freezing outside!


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Trip to Martock

Today I went cross country skiing with my dad at Martock. Neither of us had done cross country there before & we thought it would be a relaxing trail where I could take some pictures & enjoy the afternoon. Since the Canada Games are still on, the cross country trails are only open to the public from 3-5pm because of contestant training.

We got our skiis on & headed out. It was pretty flat at first.. but the hills got more & more steep as we went on. We didn’t realize, but the trails we were on were used for the biathlon courses in the Canada Games. Full on snowplow down most hills.

here I am taking a break; a little tired out

Dad making sure we weren’t lost..

..we definitely took “The Climb” instead of the “Jack Rabbit” trail by mistake. This course had the most steep hills of all of the trails, but we made it through.

Scenic snow

I managed to only fall once, which was more towards the end of the day ahah. I was just glad I didn’t land on my camera & smash it.

I went skating again tonight with a bunch of friends, but again, I didn’t get any photos because I’m too scared to wipeout on the ice with my camera. It was a lot of fun though & afterwards we all went out for Chinese food at Chang’s.

I’m headed to Cape Breton tomorrow afternoon until Thursday. I plan to take lots of pictures & keep updating!


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2nd Update

It’s my second post, so I’m still getting used to this site & figuring out how to change my profile layout, etc, but It’s slowly improving.

I had an unexpected job interview this afternoon & only had a few hours to prepare. It went pretty well & I think it’s because I didn’t have 3 days to over-think or worry about what I would say. Fingers crossed!

Tonight I went skating at the Oval on the Halifax Commons with my parents. I hadn’t been skating in a couple years, but it was a lot of fun. I was too scared to bring my camera on the ice & wipeout,  but I did take a few disposable pictures for fun. I’ll post em when they’re developed!

I might go skiing with dad tomorrow before I leave for Cape Breton on Tuesday. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been skiing as well.. so it would be a lot of fun.

I’m going to leave you with a song – my friend Dewayne raps & my boyfriend Jamie produced it a couple years ago while he was in Recording Arts at NSCC. Definitely a summer jam of 2010 ahahah.


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First Post

Earlier today I thought about starting a photography blog to not only help document all the things I do, but to keep people who are interested in checking out my work up to date on everything.. so here it is.

It’s my first post and I just got home from the Alehouse, celebrating a good friend’s 2oth birthday. Happy Birthday Rebecca!

I didn’t do a whole lot today, but I love painting my nails & today I did the “Feather Manicure” I found at The Looks for Less. Here’s a picture of how mine turned out..

It took quite a while, cutting the tiny feathers into the shape of nails, but in the end it’s pretty neat! I might start doing all the “Monday Manicures”.

Starting tomorrow, it’s SPRING BREAK & I’m headed to Cape Breton for the first time (specifically Glace Bay) on Tuesday for a couple days with my sister Jenn and my boyfriend Jamie. Hopefully I’ll get some cool shots and keep you guys updated!

Until next time, here are a few other ways to contact me;

Facebook – Flickr – Tumblr – Twitter


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