Work term/Summer

I haven’t been updating very often, but I will try harder now that school is all finished.

School’s all finished and my 5 week work term has begun, which is really exciting. I have a feeling it’s going to fly by and I won’t even know it has happened though. Trying to soak it all in and learn as much as I can!

On April 23rd, I got the chance to shoot NSCAD’s Advanced Fashion Class runway show which was at the Port Campus next to Pier 21. It was my first work term experience and it was so much fun. Here are a few shots from the show!

To see more from the show, you can view them on my flickr;

HATCH Runway Show


I can’t believe it’s already May 4th. Where do the days go? Next thing I know it will  be the end of June and I’ll be heading to Paris and Amsterdam for 12 days. I am uncontrollably excited for this trip, since it will be my first time in Europe. If anyone has any advice on sights/restaurants/shopping, etc it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been reading any and all websites, Paris for Dummies guides, but somehow I don’t think those really prepare you for the actual place. There will be so much to see and do it’s overwhelming. I will not be putting the camera down.

After that, near the end of July, I’ll be going on my 3rd annual trip to Montreal to see Osheaga, which is a 3 day music festival on an island. I think this will definitely be a summer to remember.

Hopefully soon it will be beach weather, so that I can try out surfing again at Lawrencetown. I took surfing lessons two years ago with a friend of mine. It was so much fun, but I never got around to trying it out again last summer.


The 365 project is still going on strong. I’d like to start another project soon to keep myself busy busy over the summer.

Check out my 365 (so far) on flickr!

summer favorites




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