Nearing the end

In class this morning, we critiqued of the character assignments.

I ended up handing in this one;

I was really pleased with how this assignment turned out because I think it showcases Dewayne’s personality and contagious happiness the best.


We also had a photo restoration assignment to work on over the weekend;

Before                                                                            After

Is it weird that I find restoration assignments relaxing?


I only have 4 weeks of school left and these are the only assignments that stand in my way of beginning my work term and finishing up my first year of photography;

RTA Assignment : 4 shots (promotional & environmental) for a Radio Television Arts student to use for their portfolio.

Corporate Assignment : An on-location environmental business shot.

Couple or Group Assignment : It can be a romantic couple, best friends, sidekicks, siblings, etc. Basically a shot of two or more people, showcasing their relationship.

Collage/Montage Assignment : A photograph made up of 6 or more photos. This assignment can be pretty creative. Kind of like some of David Hockney’s photographs.

Large Format Assignment : Take different pictures around the school, using the large format camera.

Gallery Print : First and second year students each choose an image to hang in the NSCC waterfront gallery to showcase their work for two weeks. Gallery showing on April 13th.

Class trip to Lockeport : I’m really looking forward to documenting a “day in the life” in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. I think it’ll be a really fun way to end the school year too.

After that, I’m off to assist a photographer for work term until the end of May. Then Summer, slushies, surfing, swimming, BBQs, frisbee, Paris and Amsterdam in June, Montreal in July and hanging out with awesome people all summer long!



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Gabrielle - 27 - Photography student at NSCAD
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