Quick update

I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been updating as often as I would like to.

I started my new job as a hostess in a restaurant last Thursday, and have been finishing up my last two weeks at my other job. Trying to juggle two jobs and school at the same time is tricky, but I’m managing. My last shift at the old job is on Friday. Change will be good though, I’m excited.

Starting on March 29th, (my 20th birthday) I’ve decided to begin taking a picture everyday to post. People usually start a photo-a-day series in January, but I decided to start on my birthday to make it a full year of my life. The pictures can be of anything (people, places, outfits, food, etc..) and can be taken on any type of camera, whether it be digital, film, disposables, black and white, or taken on a cell phone. everything counts.

As for school work, we’re currently working on a Character assignment, in which we show someone’s personality through photograph, and an RTA assignment in which we take photos of the Radio and Television Arts Program students for their portfolios. We’re also getting ready to choose a photograph we’re proud of to showcase in the waterfront gallery for two weeks.

In mid April, we have a class trip to Lockeport, Nova Scotia where both the first and second year photo students will document ‘a day in the life’ in Lockeport. At the end of the project, we put all our photographs together, go through them and decide which should be put into our “This Day in Lockeport” book. Last year, the project was based in New Ross, Nova Scotia. You can check out that book here; This Day In New Ross Book

Only a few more weeks of classes left and work term is quickly creeping up. For 5 weeks, we have to find a photographer to assist and learn from. We had to set up interviews with our photographer so that we could meet and discuss different things. It’s already been two months since my meeting.. looking forward to getting some hands on studio assisting experience.

We’ve been having great weather the past week and I’ve been super excited and looking forward to summer lately. I’m probably most excited about my first Eurotrip to Paris, Amsterdam (and possibly Brussels) in June. If anyone has any recommendations as to where to go & what to see (beautiful places, museums, shopping, restaurants/cafes, etc.) while I’m there let me know! It would be greatly appreciated. We’re going for about 10 days and I really don’t think I’ll be able to put down my cameras.



About GabGallant

Gabrielle - 27 - Photography student at NSCAD
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