First Post

Earlier today I thought about starting a photography blog to not only help document all the things I do, but to keep people who are interested in checking out my work up to date on everything.. so here it is.

It’s my first post and I just got home from the Alehouse, celebrating a good friend’s 2oth birthday. Happy Birthday Rebecca!

I didn’t do a whole lot today, but I love painting my nails & today I did the “Feather Manicure” I found at The Looks for Less. Here’s a picture of how mine turned out..

It took quite a while, cutting the tiny feathers into the shape of nails, but in the end it’s pretty neat! I might start doing all the “Monday Manicures”.

Starting tomorrow, it’s SPRING BREAK & I’m headed to Cape Breton for the first time (specifically Glace Bay) on Tuesday for a couple days with my sister Jenn and my boyfriend Jamie. Hopefully I’ll get some cool shots and keep you guys updated!

Until next time, here are a few other ways to contact me;

Facebook – Flickr – Tumblr – Twitter



About GabGallant

Gabrielle - 27 - Photography student at NSCAD
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